President’s Message

Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam

I trust you will discover our site energizing, useful and a quality reference with respect to activities and exercises, both embraced and additionally arranged of the Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan).

Since the start of my initiative, I have set out to embrace the gigantic undertaking of endeavoring to realize social change for which we have meticulously worked out NGO's objectives in minute detail and we are organizing the association such that the objectives are met inside the decade.

Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) will remain a genuinely gave association that will work not in encounter with the legislature of the day yet in congruity so that the even the administrations activities are conveyed to the majority for whom they are implied.

Under my Presidency the NGO has at first made little strides by receiving a large group of various exercises of instructing women by method for preparing programs and in addition giving help to the kids, the NGO likewise embraces sorting out gatherings, courses, camps and so forth to teach great living propensities among the villagers and tribal ladies. The essential point of the NGO is upliftment of ladies and youngster welfare.

The NGO plans to extend its work territories to give assistance/protect/offices for old individuals, and impaired people for their welfare, distribute diaries and repeat works of expressions, writing, science, creates and so on for guidelines and granting valuable learning, give assistance to individuals experiencing normal disasters, for example, surge, tremors, engine mishaps and so on and in addition battle against misuse, bad form, debasement if found against any individual, class, group in the Trust.

The NGO means to make our property a place where all young ladies and young men are enabled through quality training to understand their maximum capacity and add to changing social orders where sex balance turns into a reality.

I look for help from all who connect with the NGO and help in accomplishing its vision.

Serving Humanity is the Spirit of All Religions

Philanthropists are cordially invited to visit the Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) Karachi Orphans House (Dar-ul-Yatama) “Yateem Khana”.


One of the oldest organisation for orphans in Pakistan. Here in Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) we are striving to provide better environment and facility for our orphans.

Food & Shelter 

Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) is providing food and shelter for hundreds of underprevilage and needy people on regular basis.


Anjuman Hayat-ul-Islam (Pakistan) is providing need based scholarships for the to provide better opportunities to the talent of Pakistan and contributing our part to make better Pakistan.

Financial Support 

Disables, widows and other deserving people are providing financial assistance on monthly basis to cater their need on time and to decrease their problems.